Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paulo Freire

Paulo Freire was a Brazilian educator. He was very famous because he helped poor people to read and write.

He was born on September 19, 1921. When he was 8 years old he became familiar with poverty and hunger. These experiences made him think of the poor and the education around them.

He studied law but he worked as a teacher in secondary school teaching Portuguese. He also worked for the Department of Cultural Extension of Recife University where he had the opportunity to apply his theories in education and helped 300 sugarcane workers to read and write in just 45 days. In response to this experiment, the Brazilian government approved the creation of thousands of cultural circles around the country.

___ 1. When did Paulo Freire face poverty?
a. in 1931
b. in 1928
c. in 1929

___ 2. Paulo Freire is best known for
a. helping to build culture circles
b. teaching at Recife University
c. using a practical method to teach reading and writing
d. teaching law

___ 3. It took Freire how long to apply his experiment?
a. less than two months
b. three weeks
c. three months

___ 4. Why did the Brazilian government start using Freire's method?
a. because they wanted to creat cultural circles
b. because they wanted to help people become literate
c. because they wanted more sugarcane workers

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